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Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal

Guitar Effects Pedals from Menatone Pedals

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Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal
Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal
Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal
from Menatone Guitar Pedals

Lengthy descriptions of the Menatone Howie's tone are honestly not needed at this point. Since 1999, the Menatone Howie guitar pedal has given its fan that extremely expensive and elusive amp tone that they crave. The Menatone Howie is the ultimate in clarity and dynamics. This new incarnation adds an EQ switch to adjust the mids for better use with single coil pickups. And now the Drive channel gives both drive and level controls to truly taylor every nuance of your lead tone.

Menatone Howie Features:
  • All analog circuit
  • Ultra bright LED
  • Easy access battery
  • True bypass switching
  • External Power Supply Jack [- center, + ring]
  • Silver Plater, Teflon coated wire
  • Shielded wire from input and output jacks to switch
  • Only carbon resistors and film capacitors in signal path

Menatone Howie Pictures

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Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal