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Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet Guitar Pedal

Guitar Effects Pedals from Fulltone Pedals

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Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet Guitar Pedal
Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet Guitar Pedal
Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet Guitar Pedal
from Fulltone Guitar Pedals

The Fulltone FullDrive 2 Mosfet guitar pedal was chosen by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the all-time top 50 effects ever! We are the first to offer a switchable Boost Channel in an overdrive and manufacture our own Super-Duty 3PDT footswitch allowing True-Bypass plus LED.

Housed in a beautiful powder coated Blue 16ga.steel enclosure, the first channel is the Overdrive Mode, capable of Clean Boost or non-compressed overdrive. Or choose light to medium for softer Overdrives, all while retaining your guitar's original tone. The Tone knob is a very effective Presence control that can smooth out or add upper harmonics.. There's also a footswitchable second channel Boost Mod" with its own separate Distortion control for medium to higher gains with a more singing violin-like sustain!

Full-Drive devotees include:

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Robin Trower
  • The Black Crowes
  • Ian Moore
  • Steve Stevens
  • Drew Zingg
  • Pete Anderson
  • John Abercrombie
  • And most studio guitarists in LA, NY and Nashville.

2007: The Fulltone Fulldrive 2 becomes the FD2-MOSFET and the retail price is $179. In stores now! I know you're seeing a lot of Rave reviews about the new FD2-MOS and some are thinking "I had a FD or a FD2 10th Ann..No thanks!" Sorry, you owe it to yourself to put down that (insert flavor of the month) for an hour and take the new FD2 for a little testdrive. Let's just say the blanket has been lifted in both Normal and Mosfet modes.

Just in: 5/07 Winner! Guitar Player Magazine's Reader's Choice Poll "BEST STOMPBOX of 2006"

Mini-Toggle #1

  • "Vintage" for old-style Fd2 mid-heavy tones that cut through the mix
  • "FM" stands for "flat-mids" offering a more natural sound but I've enhanced this mode for even more transparency, it sounds great on a strat's Neck Pickup, truly spectacular!
  • "CompCut" feature removes the bounding from the feedback loop allowing for Monster Clean Boost tones and some rougher OD sounds with the OD and Boost knobs turned up

Mini-Toggle #2

  • choice between MOSFET and Normal clipping modes
  • "normal mode" is even more asymmetrical, sweeter, more open, no "blanket" over the sound.
  • moved the LED's, borrowed the OCD's super bright LED's with (Fulltone's exclusive) "no thump/No pop" True Bypass.
  • a beautiful sparkle Blue Metallic powder-coat finish for this...the final version of the most popular boutique OD ever made.

Fulltone FullDrive 2 10th Anniversary Mosfet Guitar Pedal
Fulltone FullDrive 2 10th Anniversary Mosfet Guitar Pedal
Fulltone FullDrive 2 10th Anniversary Mosfet Guitar Pedal
from Fulltone FullDrive 2 10th Anniversary Mosfet Guitar Pedal

To celebrate 10 years of the Fulldrive2 I've come up with a special 10th Anniversary FullDrive 2 Mosfet switchable version in Burnt Orange Metallic with White lettering! Beautiful looking, and the expanded sounds with the Mosfet switch are guaranteed to make this an instant classic!

What does the MosfetT setting offer? Amazingly rich mids and a very Dum***-like lead tone in Vintage Mode. In FM Mode an extremely chimey, open stinging Texas-Blues sound that cuts through any mix.