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Fulltone Choralflange Guitar Pedal

Guitar Effects Pedals from Fulltone Pedals

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Fulltone Choralflange Guitar Pedal
Fulltone Choralflange Guitar Pedal
Fulltone Choralflange Guitar Pedal
from Fulltone Guitar Pedals

Guitarists and Bassists, your search for the ultimate analog modulation pedal has ended. This is the real thing, not a sterile Digital or "Modelling" sound!

The Flanging is amazing! Very musical and very reminiscent of "House Burning Down" and "High Landrons." And without a bunch of noise - in stereo, too.

The Chorus on the Fulltone Choralflange guitar pedal is wide ranging, getting everything from thick pitch-bent vibrato'd vintage CE-1 style sounds to very transparent splits, but without the sterility of the popular hi-end choruses. And there's more headroom so that there isn't any input overload distortion if you use heavy strings (like me) or play bass. This thing does great Leslie simulations as well, in both stereo and mono operation.

Fulltone Choralflange pedal features include:

  • Delay Time knob allowing for subtle or wildly detuned chorus/Vibratos.
  • Mix knob for balancing between Effected and straight Guitar/Bass signals
  • Depth knob for effect Intensity and thickness.
  • Rate knob with LED indicator for a visual to match with song tempo...doubles as.
  • External trimmer for Gain, and mini-toggleswitch for Range (1 or 2 Octave sweep) and Function (selects between Chorus or Flanger).

Eric Johnson says of his Fulltone Choralflange:

"The Choralflange is the best chorus I've ever heard."

Michael Thompson (studio Ace):

"The Choralflange is the best pedal I've ever had, and I've had a LOT of 'em!"

The Fulltone Choralflange is the first pedal ever to offer a choice between true bypass mono operation and high-quality low impedance out (stereo or mono) via a mini DIP switch accessible through the bottom hatch. A regulated 9volt power supply is included for peak performance and consistent sound. You can use a 9volt alkaline battery to get 2-3 hours because we use more expensive low current (2 milliamp) bright LED's for status/speed, and for our home-made internal PhotoResistor which is used as part of our "secret recipe" circuit.

This circuit allows tremendous flanging depth without the goofy metallic feedback that most flanger pedals offer. You will want to use this pedal last in your signal chain to drive those long cables and you'll get zero tone loss or change in your sound whatsoever due to the expensive and extremely Hi Quality JFET's used in the audio path. The Fulltone Choralflange has none of that crackling distortion overload you get from the many choruses out there with insufficient input headroom. It's a small pedal, a little larger than the Full-Drive2 at 5"x 6".

Fulltone Choralflange devotees include:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Michael Thompson
  • Dan Huff
  • Bill Cooley